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Chocolates certified by the Vegan society



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Vegan Society:

Our products are all suitable for vegetarians and many of our dark chocolates are suitable for Vegans and are endorsed by the Vegan Society.   The Vegan Society is an educational charity that promotes and supports the Vegan lifestyle. The Society aims to make Veganism an easily adopted and widely recognised approach to reducing animal and human suffering and environmental damage via meaningful, peaceful and factual dialogue with individuals and organisations. The Vegan Logo helps Vegans to recognise Vegan products instantly and to support this cause we have designated an area of our online shop to show the products which are registered with the Vegan Society as suitable for Vegans to consume. 

Vegan Society advice regarding the very small possibility of cross contamination with milk anywhere in the manufacturing process. :

“Allergen labelling has caused lots of confusion over whether some products can be classed as vegan.  The ingredients list provides details of substances that have been deliberately added while the ‘may contain’ list gives details of allergens that could be present at a low level due to cross-contamination.

We accept that some accidental contamination from animal substances is likely in many situations. Low levels of dairy contamination are likely if a vegan chocolate is manufactured after a milk chocolate.  We accept manufacturers cannot claim their product contains zero animal cross-contamination, as to make such a claim would require the manufacturer to test every batch of every ingredient for animal contamination. A further problem is that the detection levels for the test methods do not go as low as zero. For example the detection limit for lactose is 70 parts per million (ppm) and so if this test produces a negative result a manufacturer can claim only that the product is known to contain less than 70 ppm of lactose.

We accept that some products may carry warning labels such as ‘may contain milk’ because this refers to accidental low-level cross-contamination.

We aim at encouraging manufacturers to produce more foods that do not contain deliberatelyadded animal ingredients and so reduce the exploitation of animals. If our demands are unrealistic many manufacturers will not be able to provide vegan products at all. 

As the demand for vegan products grows we will be in a stronger position to request dedicated vegan production lines and then purely vegan factories.”

Comment from the Food Standards Agency

“As you are aware there is no legal definition of the term vegan, but the Agency's voluntary guidance on use of the terms vegetarian and vegan in food labelling advises that foods labelled as vegan should not contain milk and contains some advice on cross contamination.

Although the Agency advice suggests that "Manufacturers, retailers and caterers should be able to demonstrate that foods presented as 'vegetarian' or 'vegan' have not been contaminated with non-vegetarian or non-vegan foods during storage, preparation, cooking or display." we would not be against a food that is labelled as vegan carrying a warning on the label that it is produced in a factory or on a line where certain dairy products or allergenic foods are also handled and used. We would also not be against a 'may contain....' warning. In fact we would consider it to be advantageous. It is important for safety reasons for consumers to know that possible allergens may be present.”

For more information click this link to the Vegan Society. :


At Beech’s we take great care to minimise any potential cross-contamination of milk or any flavour.  As often as possible we run milk and dark chocolate products for a whole week at a time to remove the chance of cross-contamination from change overs.  All equipment is thoroughly cleaned down after every production run. We respect the views and values of all our customers and we make every effort to minimise or remove the potential for any cross contamination.