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Thank You Chocolate Gift Assortment 90g

Price: £3.99

£3.49 each or buy 4 or more for £3.00 each, with free postage on orfders of £20.00 or more. 

A selection of Continental chocolates which are a perfect gift for that special occasion when you need to say "THANK YOU" in the nicest way possible ... a box of chocolates.  Not too big and not too small. .   These will make a perfect addition to a card or as an enhancement to a flower bouquet.  Keep some just in case..... 

The Selection includes the following: 

Beechs Chocolate Coffee Walnut

Dark Coffee Cream & Walnut: The fine flavour of roasted coffee beans in a crème covered in smooth dark chocolate, finished by hand with a sprinkle of walnut sugar crocant.

Beechs Chocolate Orange Truffle

Dark Orange Truffle:  A smooth melting truffle flavoured with the natural oil of florida oranges enrobed in rich dark chocolate.

Beechs Chocolate Vanilla Mousse

Milk Vanilla Triangle Mousse:  Madagascan vanilla mousse in dreamy milk chocolate.

Beechs Chocolate Caramel Delight

Milk Caramel Delight:  Soft caramel centre with a generous layer of creamy milk chocolate.

Beechs Chocolate Strawberry Parfait

Milk Strawberry Parfait: Thick milk chocolate with a burst of summer strawberries in a fondant centre.

Beechs Chocolate Hazelnut Swirl

Milk Hazelnut Swirl: Sublimely smooth hazelnut praline in sumptuous milk chocolate.

Beechs Chocolate White Hazelnut Supreme

White Hazelnut Supreme: A rich hazelnut praline truffle centre, encased in silky white chocolate to give a classic smooth combination.