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Chocolate Continental Assortment 90g

Price: £3.99

£3.49 Each, or £3.00 each on 4 or more!

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A delightful selection of milk, dark and white chocolates made in the UK at our chocolate factory in Preston, Lancashire.  This traditional soft centre collection includes pralines, truffles and soft centres all coated in creamy thick chocolate. 

The Selection includes the following: 

Beechs Chocolate Coffee Walnut

Dark Coffee Cream & Walnut: The fine flavour of roasted coffee beans in a crème covered in smooth dark chocolate, finished by hand with a sprinkle of walnut sugar crocant.

Beechs Chocolate Orange Truffle

Dark Orange Truffle:  A smooth melting truffle flavoured with the natural oil of florida oranges enrobed in rich dark chocolate.

Beechs Chocolate Vanilla Mousse

Milk Vanilla Triangle Mousse:  Madagascan vanilla mousse in dreamy milk chocolate.

Beechs Chocolate Caramel Delight

Milk Caramel Delight:  Soft caramel centre with a generous layer of creamy milk chocolate.

Beechs Chocolate Strawberry Parfait

Milk Strawberry Parfait: Thick milk chocolate with a burst of summer strawberries in a fondant centre.

Beechs Chocolate Hazelnut Swirl

Milk Hazelnut Swirl: Sublimely smooth hazelnut praline in sumptuous milk chocolate.

Beechs Chocolate White Hazelnut Supreme

White Hazelnut Supreme: A rich hazelnut praline truffle centre, encased in silky white chocolate to give a classic smooth combination.