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The Values of Beech's Fine Chocolates

Quality People:

Our people are our most important asset. Everyone at Beech’s is passionate about what we do and this is reflected in the high quality chocolates that are still made to traditional recipes.  Our expert chocolatiers have years of experience and pride in making what they believe are the finest chocolates produced in the UK.  Many of the workforce in the factory have been at Beech's for decades and their experience and eye for quality and appearance, ensures that we box only the most perfect chocolates for our customers.  Our staff are all proud of the products the make and want our customer to be as delighted by the products as they are themselves.  

Quality Product:

All our chocolates are manufactured in our factory in Preston, Lancashire and many products are hand finished with the utmost care and attention to detail.  We use only the finest natural raw material ingredients and there are no artificial colours or flavours in any Beech’s products.

Forest Stewardship Council:

Beech’s cares about the sustainability of our forests and as such we ensure that all our packaging suppliers are 100% FSC certified.   FSC works to improve forest management worldwide, and through certification creates an incentive for forest owners and managers to follow best social and environmental practices.  The growing demand for FSC certified products is proof that everyone wants a sustainable future and Beech's wants to play our part.

Environmentally Friendly:

Beech’s cares about the environment and we seek to work with suppliers who are eco-friendly. We believe in sustainable farming and source our ingredients from suppliers who support farmers in countries all over the World to learn better farming methods, improve working conditions and take better care of the environment.

Vegan Society:

Our products are all suitable for vegetarians and all our dark chocolates are suitable for Vegans and are endorsed by the Vegan Society.   The Vegan Society is an educational charity that promotes and supports the Vegan lifestyle. The Society aims to make Veganism an easily adopted and widely recognised approach to reducing animal and human suffering and environmental damage via meaningful, peaceful and factual dialogue with individuals and organisations. The Vegan Logo helps Vegans to recognise Vegan products instantly and to support this cause we have designated an area of our online shop to show the products which are registered with the Vegan Society as suitable for Vegans to consume.

Product Information and Allergens

Beech's provides product information about each product we make.  On each product detail page in the online shop our customers can see the full list of ingredients and nutritional information.  This also shows the allergen statement on each pack so that customers can make an informed choice about a product before making a purchase online.  All Beech's products are suitable for Vegetatians and many of our dark chocolate products are also suitable for Vegans, as listed on the dedicated Vegan page.   All Beech's products are totally GLUTEN FREE.